Drunk man falls asleep in Florida McDonald's drive-thru. Begs to go to jail for DUI.

How Much More Could a Second DUI Offense Really Cost You in Florida?

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense in any state. So, in the State of Florida, there are some strict penalties to face when you are convicted of a second DUI offense. But, how much more could that second slip up actually cost you in Florida? Florida Imposes Severe Penalties for DUI Offenders If […]

2nd DUI: Are There Ways to Get Your License Back After a Second DUI Offense in Florida?

Getting Your License Back: How to Get Out of Your 2nd DUI in Florida

Repeat DUI offenders in Florida face some steep penalties. For your second DUI, penalties are determined based on any prior DUI-related convictions in any state. The District Attorney and judge involved with the case will order your driving record for FL, which reaches nationwide. 2 Common DUI Questions Here are some two of the most […]