Ten diverse, African American, Asian, caucasian, East Indian, young adults illustrating teamwork.

DETOUR; Our Flagship Program

(Delivering Education To Our Urban Region)

D.E.T.O.U.R. is a uniquely designed program for adolescents and young adults who are at risk for driving impaired, or making poor choices. The program includes behavioral therapy, psycho-education, and mentorship.

Each participant is evaluated by a Board Certified Psychiatrist prior to admission into the program. Upon entering the program each participant will participate in Moral Reconation Therapy groups and engage in alcohol monitoring.

Moral Reconation Therapy or MRT is a cognitive-behavioral treatment program designed to change how individuals think and to change their behavior. MRT is included in SAMSHA’s registry of Evidence Based Programs and Practices.

Family involvement is a requirement of the program, families will also engage in the process as well as support the participant throughout the program.

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